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Ons is geanker in God: Abba Vader, Yeshua Ha Masihach, Ruach Ha Kudesh. A Spirit filled school. ‘n Christelike skool. No compromise. When you are anchored in Christ Yeshua Ha Mashiach and your mind is rooted in Him. He activates everything. Ons leer kinders om hul indentiteit in Abba Vader te ontdek. Om hulle voor te berei om hul plek in die sameleweing vol te staan vogens Abba se wil. Elke kind kry individuele aandag, sodat hulle die beste kan bereik en hulle Godgegewe roeping kan uitleef. Daar is geen ontwrigting nie, want klasse is nie groter as 10 leerders nie. Daar word ook in diepte na elke kind se emosionele en geestelike welstand gekyk. Beslis die ideale skool vir die toekoms.

How it all started.

God called me in 2017 and placed a deep desire in my heart to start my own school. He has confirmed this with prophecies, visions and scriptures several times. I have a beautiful son born 2008 and I saw the gaps in the education system (private school he was in and where I taught). In an environment where there are too many admin for educators to attend to and too many learners in a classroom (even 20 is still too much) it is impossible to adhere to a learner’s individual needs and help them grow spiritually, emotionally and educationally. Many themes in history for example that are required to be studied for examination purposes can be dealt with differently. I believe that this is Abba Father’s vision how children must be taught in school and experience education. I am just His servant that He is using to realize this dream and vision on earth. I believe Abba Father wants this school to be like heaven on earth for children. Where they can break away from the four walls of a classroom sometimes and experience peace. Yes our children need to be prepared for the world out there. But we must remember we are living in this world but we are not from this world. Abba Father will direct every step of your child’s future for the plan He has for them.